Odilon Redon. Apocalypse de Saint-Jean. Bound for One Thousand Years. 1899.


When I was 15 my first therapist told me “there’s no cure for intelligence and I’m sorry if accurate observations carry anxiety and depression with you for the rest of your life”


That’s when I decided I could trust her


Showing decoration at the altar for the repose of the soul of  Alfonso XII, Kingof Spain (photograph, Jan. 20, 1886) - Our Lady of Peace Cathedral,  Honolulu, 

Diana Dors in The Unholy Wife (1957)

Temple of Jupiter, Baalbek, Lebanon, late 19th century or early 20th century

The Alien Way // Bruce Pennington 

Mr. Freedom | 1969 | dir. William Klein

John Isaacs, Are you still mad at me, 2001, wax, resin, expanding foam, plaster, oil paint, latex, stage blood